A blue and green logo for the steel challenge shooting association.

Welcome to Steel Challenge Shooting

All Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) matches at Colfax can be found on Practiscore through the following link:  https://practiscore.com/clubs/colfax-sportsmens-club

We are affiliated with the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA), providing sanctioned Steel Challenge matches that will be uploaded for members to the SCSA website. Steel Challenge Club ID SCSA280. 


Colfax Sportsmen's Club provides sanctioned SCSA matches throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  A weekend match will include six of the SCSA stages and Thursday matches will provide four of the SCSA stages for participants to enjoy.  We encourage any and all participants, be it existing firearm owners or new firearm owners, to come out and give Steel Challenge a try!

Those interested are encouraged to check out the full SCSA website for more in-depth information and the rule book.  A direct link to the rules can be found here:                              SCSA-Rulebook.pdf (uspsa.org)

Some general information for those looking to try Steel Challenge include:

  • Each stage is shot five times in succession.


  • Recommended to have multiple magazines handy to speed up the match.
  • Rimfire pistol, rimfire rifle, PCC (pistol caliber carbine) all start at the low ready.
  • Centerfire pistols start holstered.
  • Holsters must abide by the SCSA rulebook.

Tube fed 22LR rifles, single shot rifles, and revolvers with single round loading gates are highly discouraged as they increase match duration.  Anyone who wants to try Steel Challenge and has one of these options for a firearm please reach out and ask as many club members are able and willing to lend a firearm for participation.

Questions regarding the Colfax Steel Challenge can be sent to match director Cody Berger at [email protected]