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Welcome to Colfax 3-Gun UML

We are currently looking for a 3-Gun match director; please contact Doug Jensen at (715) 559-3556 if you are interested. The club has all the necessary equipment to run a large variety of stages.


3 Gun is an action shooting sport that combines the use of a rifle, a pistol, and a shotgun in a course of fire that often involves all 3 guns and transitions between them. Stages are typically made up of paper, steel, and clay targets in various configurations with different barriers and obstacles that require you to maneuver through the course.


The two most important goals of our matches are to keep them safe and fun!

Matches will typically consist of 3 (or more in 2024!) stages, varying each match. Competitor check-in will commence in the clubhouse at 7:00 AM, with the shooter's meeting to begin at 8:00 AM and shots down range shortly after. Please be ready to squad up and begin shooting right after the meeting!! We also have concessions on site and will plan for a lunch break midday.

$30.00 for non-club members

$25.00 for club members

$20.00 for Range Officers working event

$15 for Juniors 17 and under

** Shooters dismissed for a safety violation will not be refunded entry fees.


Our range officers are NRA certified (in addition to many being NROI certified) and vary in experience from working and running national matches for the likes of United Multi-Gun League (UML) and 3-Gun Nation to running our own local events and coaching our youth teams to compete at the national level.

You can be assured there will be staff in the clubhouse to handle registration and serve food, along with several Range Officers helping to run our squads through the match. Some will participate in the events, while others are there just to ensure the event is run in as safe a manner as possible.


Everyone should plan to bring, at minimum, appropriate eye and hearing protection to be used throughout the course of the match, whether watch or participating. While many competitors are willing to loan you the items below, the typical gear required to compete is as follows.

Please note that you should refer to the United Multi-Gun League (UML) rules link below for division limitations on the equipment below.

UML-Rules-v2.3.pdf (ussleagues.com)

Pistols: Typically semi-auto and typically high capacity 9mm or above, but revolver shooters are welcome!

Shotguns: Semi-auto or pump in 12ga or 20ga, and an extended magazine is recommended.

Rifles: Semi-auto rifles, typically built on the AR platform, in .223/5.56 or .308/7.62 caliber. AK, Tavor, or SCAR platforms are also welcome. In 2019 – PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) was added.

Other Gear: 2-4 pistol and rifle magazines, a good belt with enough space to hold your handgun holster, a couple of spare pistol mag pouches, and some shotgun shell caddies.

Ammo: Bring 150 rounds for each firearm, and you'll probably have a bunch left over; always factor in your accuracy and possible re-shoots when calculating ammunition. To be safe, bring 10–20 slugs to each match, too, as we may throw some of those in as well.

NOTE: No steel core ammunition is allowed, and YOU will be responsible for damage to steel targets for improper ammunition.



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Getting Started in 3-Gun Video Series

For information on 3 Gun shooting at the Colfax Range, contact our match directors, Doug Jensen "[email protected]" and Dale Anderson "[email protected]".