Welcome to Speed Freak Rimfire

Speed Freak Rimfire is designed for new and existing gun owners. This 22LR competition allows competitors to compete with either a Rifle or a Pistol, with or without Optics. New gun owners do not always have or cannot afford a large inventory of magazines for their guns, so Speed Freak Rimfire is right for you. Stages will consist of three to eight targets at varying ranges, and competitors will shoot three strings of fire per stage. Targets will vary in size, and some may also be reactive. This change in competition will hopefully keep competitors involved and excited about coming back for more! Making events such as this centered around family, fun, and education is our goal here at Colfax Sportsmen's Club.

There are four (4) Divisions: Optics Pistol, Optics Rifle, Irons Pistol, and Irons Rifle.

Colfax Sportsmen's Club is excited to now host Speed Freak Rimfire matches and will be the host to the 2024 Wisconsin Speed Freak Rimfire Match; this will be the second year for this great two-day match!

Match Dates:

Wisconsin Speed Freak Rimfire – August 3rd & 4th, 2024

Special note from the Match Director for the Wisconsin Speed Freak Rimfire.

Welcome Shooters!!

The Wisconsin Speed Freak Rimfire Match will be a two-day – 14-stage bout. This match will test competitors with stages that have anywhere from three to eight targets. Your worst strings will not be dropped like in other events. Stages will be three strings. Random Draw Prize Table walk will begin shortly after shooting is finished on the second day. Food will be available for sale to non-shooters on both days of the competition.

Monthly Matches:

Colfax April – Speed Freak Rimfire Monthly – April 27th, 2024

Colfax May – Speed Freak Rimfire Monthly – May 18th, 2024

Colfax June – Speed Freak Rimfire Monthly – June 22nd, 2024

Colfax October – Speed Freak Rimfire Monthly / Potluck – October 12th, 2024

Matches run rain or shine. (Registration via PractiScore.com required)!

The point of contact for Colfax Speed Freak Rimfire Matches is Greg Tandberg at [email protected]