Welcome to NRL22

Colfax Sportsmen’s Club is excited to host the National Rifle League’s sanctioned NRL22 matches!


NRL22 is a fun and exciting way to hone your precision rifle skills in a cost-effective manner as all matches are limited to 22LR! Almost any detachable magazine-fed 22LR rifle may be used. A variable power optic is highly recommended as the targets can be as small as .25" and the distances can stretch well beyond 100 yards. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough the targets are engaged from many different types of barricades. These barricades include roof tops, tires, 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, tanks traps and more.

Don’t have a rifle with an optic on it? Don’t worry about it! Come out and shoot one of the Match Directors loaner rifles for just the cost of the ammunition. Coming out and shooting a match this way, or spectating your first match, is the best way to see what this sport is all about.

While these are NRL22 sanctioned matches, you do not need to be an NRL22 member to participate. NRL22 membership does have it’s benefits though. Here are a few; nationally ranked tracking of your scores as well as your development, entrance into the monthly prize drawings, chance at being invited to the National Match, and more.

All matches are managed through  Signing up for the match, on Practiscore ahead of the match is highly recommended and will ensure you are able to shoot the matches. Practiscore can also be used to process the match fee, this payment method is preferred over in-person. Practiscore is also the best way to keep up to date with specific match fees and other specific match requirements. This is the link to the Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Practiscore page.

More information regarding NRL22 can be found on their web page.

The NRL22 rules can also be found on their web site by clicking on the “NRL22” drop down, click “About", and selecting the current year’s rules. NRL22X is a different match type that is not covered under this page.

If you have any questions regarding NRL22, please reach out to the Match Director using the following email, [email protected], or contact us through the “Colfax Sportsmen's Club NRL22” Facebook page, Colfax Sportsmen's Club NRL22 | Facebook.