Bowling Pins


Welcome to Bowling Pin shooting

Registration on practiscore is not required for Pin matches be present prior to 9am to be placed in brackets.                                                                                                                                     

Watch the range calendar for Bowling Pin match dates and other exciting events at the Colfax Sportsmen’s Club shooting complex.


Registration 8:15am – 9:00am, matches starts at 9:30am rain or shine, bathroom and concessions on site.  Dress appropriate for weather.  All are welcome to join in there is no requirement to be a club member to participate.

Double elimination blind seed head to head bowling pin and bowling pin head shoot for both centerfire pistol & rimfire rifle and pistol in 6 different divisions. All matches start from the low ready position.  $10 entry fee for each division you wish to participate in, juniors 17 and under pay one entry fee for all divisions. Pay out to 1st & 2nd place in each division based on number of paying participants.

Division 1         Shotgun buckshot or slugs only.
Division 2        Rimfire 22LR rifle shoot pin heads
Division 3        Rimfire 22LR pistol shoot pin heads
Division 4        Minor Center fire – 9mm, 38 special
Division 5        Major Center fire – 38 super, 357, 40, 10mm, 45acp
Division 6        PCC Pistol Caliber Carbines
Division 7        Magnum Center fire – 41, 44, 45LC, 454, 460
Division 8        Two man head to head teams, Master Blaster for Pistol and Revolver division shooters.
Division 9        Rifle centerfire pins at 3 pins @ 60 yards offhand








Location:  Dunn County Range, Colfax WI.  Located south of Colfax WI off State Hwy 40, to 810th Ave.  Address: E8498  810th Ave, Colfax WI 54730.

Required:  Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection all competitors and spectators. Rules are simple, first person to clear their five pin heads or bowling pins off the table and on the ground is the winner of that head to head match and advances. Each shooter competes against a fellow shooter with the winner advancing in the upper bracket and the loser going to the lower bracket. After a loss in the lower bracket, the shooter is out of the money tournament for that particular division, for those shooters with one win or less when there is 8 or more in the original division bracket they will be placed in the consolation bracket. Shooting continues until a final winner is determined in each division for the day. Shooters can sign up for any or all of the divisions listed.  There is no limit to the number of rounds, so come to the line with the loaded magazines or speed loaders that you think you may need.
Pin-shooting is fun, competitive, practical shooting that sharpens one’s handgun and rifle skills. While winning is  obviously rewarding, all pin-shooters can expect an event that will improve their skills in the company of fellow shooters who are supportive.  Entry fee is $10.00 for each division you choose to participate in, enter all or any combination.  Juniors pay one entry fee and can compete in any division.  Each division tournament bracket is made up of blind seed double elimination head to head matches.   Pay out for 1st and 2nd place based on number of paying competitors in each division.  This is a great spectator sport and great fun for the shooters, we encourage junior and ladies.

Questions regarding Bowling Pin shooting can be sent to Jim Davis  at [email protected]

Shooters disqualified for a safety violation are disqualified for all current or remaining divisions and will not be refunded entry fee’s.