Steel Challenge Shooting

Welcome to Steel Challenge shooting

2017 Matches and practice dates are posted on the calendar.

Match Dates
Saturday April 22nd 2017  Match complete see results below.

Sunday June 25, 2017   Match complete see results below.                                                                

Saturday September 16th 2017  Pre-Registration required: (Click here to pre-register)

We shoot at 5 steel reactive targets with the center fire pistol, rim fire pistol, 22 semi-auto rifle or pistol caliber carbine of your choice.   Each stage consists of 5 strings of 5 targets that follow the Steel Challenge Shooting Association designated courses of fire for each of the eight authorized stages.  This is a fun and simple way to get into friendly competitive shooting.  Dates for steel challenge practice and matches are posted on the range calendar.   All are welcome to join in there is no requirement to be a club member to participate.  All firing points are covered.

Steel Challenge Stages                                                                                                                                (Accelerator, 5 to Go, Outer Limits, Pendulum, Round About, Showdown, Smoke&Hope, Speed Option)

Smoke & Hope Video

Thursday night practice 3 stages minimum fired.  Start time 520pm, late arrivals will not be allowed to participate, watch calendar for dates.
$5.00 per gun per person limit 3 for Thursday night matches,  Colfax Scholastic Action shooting team members and Range Officers shoot first gun free.

Matches Full 6 stage , Registration 8:15am – 8:45am, match starts at 9:30am rain or shine, covered firing points and concessions on site.
$25.00 for non club members
$20.00 for club members                                                                                                                           $10.00 for Range Officers working event, Colfax SASP team members, and juniors 17 and under              $10 for each additional gun

Food and concessions are available in the clubhouse.

Divisions  you can participate in:

**Start from aiming stake**
RFRI = Rimfire rifle Iron sights
RFRO = Rimfire rifle Optical sights
RFPI = Rimfire  pistol Iron sights
RFPO = Rimfire pistol Optical sights                                                                                                               PCCI = Pistol Caliber Carbine Iron sights       ( 9mm – 45 acp )                                                                      PCCO = Pistol Caliber Carbine Optical sights ( 9mm – 45 acp )

**Start from the holster, shooter in the surrender position**
CO = Carry Optic: production gun with dot sight affixed to the slide only and production holster.             ISR = Iron Sight Revolver center fire                                                                                                               LTD = Limited: Iron-sighted SA-DA.  fired pistol w/o a comp, barrel ports, or optical                                 OPN = Optic, comp, race holster                                                                                                                    OSR = Revolver Open Optics, compensator or barrel ports                                                                            PROD = Production:  Any Double Action or Safe Action pistol on the USPSA gun list                                    SS = Single stack 1911 

If your not sure what division you would fall under don’t worry about it, we will squad you accordingly.  We will help you out and make sure you are going in the right direction.  Its all pretty simple all you need to do is show up with your pistol or 22 rifle, with ammo and magazines.

It takes 25 rds to complete a stage if you have no misses, plan for approximately 100rds for Thursday night practice, and 200 rounds for a full match.  It does not hurt to bring extra as you can always take it home and use it next time, see the range hour calendar for Thursday night and match dates.

Centerfire divisions start from the holster,  the holster must cover the trigger and be carried external on a belt at waist level.  No magnum center fire pistol calibers

Rimfire pistol and rifle starts from the low ready aiming at the aiming stake 10 feet in front of the shooters box.  Tube feed 22 rifles, single shot rifles, and revolvers with single round loading gate are not allowed.

Each Stage is run five times in succession, the best four out of five runs are totaled and represent your score for that stage.  All six stages are added together for your match score in your division.

Five magazines or speed loaders are recommend or assistance from other members in loading during the stage to keep the flow moving.  Safety glasses with side shields and hearing protection is required for all shooters and participants.

Shooters dismissed for a safety violation will not be refunded entry fee’s.

Questions regarding Colfax steel challenge can be sent to Jim at   “”

See Practice and Full match results below by year and date