Scholastic Action Shooting Team

2017 National Competition Shooters and Their Coaches

Welcome to the home of the Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Scholastic Pistol Team

*         This is a national pistol team shooting sport sponsored by the Colfax Sportsmans club in Colfax Wisconsin.

*         The team consists of a head coach and individual elementary, middle, and high school student pistol / rifle shooters from the age of 8 – 20 that are organized into 4 person squads that make up a competitive unit.  Squads are organized by 4 different divisions at elementary, middle school, high school level which are differentiated by age and rimfire vs centerfire pistols.  This sport provides a level playing field for all genders; there is no limit to the number of athletes on a team.

*         The purpose is to introduce school aged youth into an educational athletic organization led by trained adult coaches focused on enhancing personal growth and development in a safe enjoyable team based sport which instills fair play, individual responsibility, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and personal commitment.  The shooting sports is the fastest growing high school sport in the State of Wisconsin.

Practice is typically once a week on Sundays starting in January, with team members accepted through April at the Colfax Dunn County range; athletes are responsible for their own rimfire or centerfire pistol and ammunition (assistance is available with rimfire pistols and rimfire ammo).  Rimfire ammunition is available from the club at a reduced rate. Sponsorship, club fundraisers and endowment funds will help defer ammunition costs.  Athletes younger than 18 will require parent’s permission and signature to compete.

Rim fire and Center fire pistols used must be stock with iron sights & semi-auto.  Rim fire rifle semi-auto shooter can shoot optical sights.  Five magazines are recommended, be sure to check with coaches before purchasing guns or magazines as the team does have equipment that can be borrowed and we want to ensure you are making the correct choice.

The Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Scholastic Pistol Team is registered as a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment team.  Our endowment site is open and available for donations:  Donations to the Colfax Scholastic Pistol team fund can only be used for our youth programs, and support our youth athletes.   Our Team endowment ID is: R7441







*       Athletes compete in either centerfire or rimfire divisions; targets are circular and rectangular steel plates which are either 10in or 12in round plates or 18×24 rectangular plates.  Each stage consists of 5 strings or 5 targets in a timed event.  The combined scores of the squad make up the team score.  All stages start from the low ready for rimfire and centerfire.  Pistols & 22 Rifles come to the line in there case with chamber flag inserted, after cleared pistols leave the line with chamber flag and stowed in pistol or rifle case.

We are continuing to building squads accepting students from western WI middle, high, tech, and collegiate schools who wish to compete and learn in a safe fun environment. If you are a student or parent of a student who would like additional information feel free to contact:

  John Budnaitis Head Coach @ 715-379-3935 or Tony Anderson Assistant Coach 715-894-7450  EMAIL:

Coaches and their assistants are SASP insured, NRA Range Officer certified, NRA certified pistol instructors, Double goal coaching certified, and have a current background checks completed.

June 2017 State Championship Match

On June 10th 2017, 22 members of the Colfax Sportsmen’s Club’s Scholastic Action Shooting Team traveled to Sturgeon Bay in beautiful Door county to compete in their  3rd Wisconsin State Match.

The team competes in the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation’s action shooting program. In the program, athletes in grade school, middle school and high school compete in different divisionsaccording to age, with either a 22 caliber rifle, 22 caliber pistol or center fire caliber pistol. Athletesunder the age of 12 are only able to compete in the rifle divisions. The program is national in scope and Wisconsin has the largest number of athletes of any state organization.

In Action Shooting, four different arrays of targets, called stages, each consisting of 5 steel targets are shot. The time it takes to hit the targets is the shooters score and the best four of five attempts is the stage score. Because it is a team sport the athletes are part of squads. There are 4 athletes on a squad and the squad score is the cumulative times of all four individuals across all four stages. Being able to accurately and quickly shoot is mandatory and the Colfax Team is among the best.

The youngest athletes compete in the “Rookie” division with 22 caliber rifles. Our Rookie squadplaced 1st and consisted of Kimberly Krista, Arianna Pickering, Nevan Nosker and Gabriella Affolter.

The athletes in middle school compete in the “Intermediate” division with two levels “Entry” for 1styear participants and “Advanced” for those with more than one year experience. Our Rimfire pistol Intermediate Advanced squad consisting of Will Wanish, Taylor Risler, Benjamin Affolter, and Craig Ervin took 1st place.

In the Rimfire Pistol Senior division Jr Varsity (for 1st year High School participants) was edged out by a talented Union Grove team by a slim 1.97 second margin! Oh so close! But a great showing by Marshall Reed, Gavin Wenz, Rowdy Kadinger and Kali Risler.

In the centerfire pistol Senior Varsity division the Colfax team placed 2nd to an extremely experienced Lake Country team. The LC team had 2 squads at the national championship last year and they placed 1st and 3rd. The squad that won WI state this year was essentially the reigning national champions. Our squad consisted of James deLambert, Brandon Helland, Ethan Leach and Jackson Zunker. Of note, the fastest individual in the centerfire division last year posted a 41.80 second aggregate time, James deLambert posted a 37.89 to be the fastest pistol shooter at the Wisconsin State match.

If a team has too few athletes to fill a squad with people all in the same division, they are combinedinto a squad of mixed division athletes or “Open” division. We had a squad of 4 in this Open division shooting rimfire pistols. They were Keharron Bogstad, McKenna Yingst, Nokomis Nosker and Trevor Rothbauer. Of the nine (9!) squads in this open division, our squad placed 1st. By a margin of 1.59 seconds.

We also had Nathaniel Nosker shooting on a squad of one in 22 caliber rifle as he was the only athlete on our team in his division. While he shot alone, he shot very well!

July 2017 National Competition

The Colfax Sportsmens Club sent 15 athletes to the national championships in Maringo OH to compete inOptics Rifle, rimfire pistol, centerfire pistol and the new this year 1911 pistol divisions.Coming in 21 of 34 teams in the “open” class of optics rifle, was our youngest shooters,competing against squads of top Sr Vasity and Jr Varsity as well as intermediate shooters.The squad consisted of Kimberly Krista, Arianna Pickering, Nevan Nosker and Nathan Nosker. The Open division is for grouping squads when not all 4 athletes on a squad are in the same age / skillclassification.    

We had 3 rookies and one first year intermediate shooter. Pretty much a stacked deck as they were competing directly against squads of 3 high school seniors! Coming in as high as they did is great and an accomplishment they should be congratulated on!

Two Rimfire Pistol squads also shot in the Open class. One was able to place 9th out of 40 teams competing. That squad consisted of Trevor Rothbauer, Marshall Reed, Gavin Wenz and Michaela Helland. Placing so high was great, especially considering that this was the first year competing for 3 of the squad members. Gavin Wenz has been really training hard and was able to place 32nd out of 183 men shooting rimfire pistol across all divisions. An impressive accomplishment but more impressive when you consider he is in his first year shooting a pistol!

We also had Nokomis Nosker shooting on a squad of one in the rimfire open class. She was able toplace 52nd of 91 lady shooters in all divisions.

In center fire pistol we had 2 squads competing in Sr Varsity and one in the Open class. In the open class was a partial squad of Brandon Helland and Jackson Zunker. They were able to place 5th of 15 squads, even handicapped by only having half of a squad!

Our other squad in Sr Varsity, consisting of James Delambert, James Budnaitis, Trin Gunnufson and Ethan Leach, was able to place a strong 2nd .This is the first time we have been able to place so high at the national championships.

Our final competitive squad was in Sr Varsity class of the new 1911 pistol division. This division only allows 1911 style (or 2011 double stack) pistols firing a 9mm or larger caliber.  In the squad was James Delambert, James Budnaitis, Brandon Helland and Ethan Leach. They were able to place 3rd ! A great accomplishment that put our team “on the podium” twice!

All these great competitive accomplishments of the team were only possible with the support of the

Colfax Sportsmen’s Club, the community and the parents of the fine athletes.