Scholastic Trap Shooting Team

2017 Colfax Scholastic Trap Team & Coaches

We also sponsors the Colfax Scholastic Trap Team,  They practice every Sunday afternoon starting in April and running through the first week of June.  You may come and watch them on Sundays or you can shoot with them on Monday nights as there are several that like to come and shoot with their parents on Monday nights.  It is a great family event

Eau Claire Invitational

The Colfax Trap Team also competed at the National meet in Marengo OH. Coach Charlie Owens was there with four members of the team shooting.  They shot 200 rounds each and their final score was as follows:

Trevor Rothbauer  Sr. Varsity from Colfax  shot a 184

James Budnaitis Jr. Varsity from Eau Claire shot a 175  (Very 1st year of shooting Trap)

Aiden McKee Entry Level Intermediate from Colfax shot a 134  ( Very 1st year of shooting Trap)

Nokomis Nosker Advanced Intermediate from Colfax shot a 125

They did an awesome job for their first year at Nationals